Embracing Excellence: Welcoming Madam Principal Mrs. Anupama Sinha to DLDAV School, Pitampura ND Block

It was a day of celebration and new beginnings as we warmly welcomed our new principal, Mrs. Anupama Sinha, to DAV School, Pitampura ND Block. The welcome ceremony held in her  honour was a testament to our excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead under her leadership. The heartfelt  speech by Supervisory Head Mrs. Seema Sharma marked the beginning of the ceremony. Students with their usual enthusiasm, presented a variety of performances ranging from cultural dances to musical renditions, showcasing their talents and extending a warm welcome to our new principal. Amidst the applause and camaraderie, Madam Mrs. Anupama Sinha was welcomed and felicitated.  Through her visionary leadership, Madam Principal  epitomizes her commitment to shaping young minds and fostering a positive educational environment. Please join us in extending warm welcome to our Principal Mrs. Anupama Sinha as we embark on this exciting new chapter together at DAV School, Pitampura ND Block. FELICITATION CE


                  RETIREMENT ASSEMBLY- MS. ANUPMA SOOD DATE: 21/5/24 "There is a whole new kind of life ahead, full of experiences just waiting to happen. Some call it 'retirement.' I call it bliss." —Betty Sullivan Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life, marking the end of a dedicated career and the beginning of a new chapter filled with relaxation, adventure, and endless possibilities. It’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the retiree, while also offering well wishes  for their future endeavors.   We bid farewell to our beloved English teacher Ms. Anupma Sood by organising a small assembly by her students. Students poured their heart for her and showcased what they learnt from her classes. She also sang song for her students.                 All these events were followed by auspicious Hawan, performed by Guruji.   

EXPO 2024-25

EXPO 2024-25 THEME: INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CAMELIDS DATE: 18/5/25 DLDAVPP celebrated annual event EXPO 2024 ON 18 MAY, 2024. The theme of the event was INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CAMELIDS. The Chief guest of the day was Sh. Priyank Kanoongo, Chairperson, NCPCR. Special guests included Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Chairman, DLDAVMS,  Ms. Adarsh Kohli,  Manager, DLDAVMS,  Ms. Anita Wadehra,  Former Principal, DLDAVMS and Ms. Seema Agarwal,  Former Principal .  A showcase on Rangeelo Rajasthan was presented by the students.  Different classes choose different topics for display. Given here is the list of topics of various classes.  Class  IX Class and section Topic  Logo Teacher 9 A    India- Mother of Democracy In context of General Elections 2024 Ms. Sanjona Sharma 9 B Self Discovery  The Only JOURNEY is the one WITHIN. Ms. Yashu Bedi 9 C Kalam ki kranti Kal, Aaj aur Kal Ms. Ritu Jain 9 D Cyber Safety  Think before you click Ms. Neeru Chauhan 9 E Feminism New Beginning New Innings Ms. Renu Grover